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Product Updates

Updated November 17th, 2021
Release Version 3.5.5

Updated Feature(s)
- Sync Button (Offline Feature)
  • When Offline game has ended, and user selects "End Game", the offline game will go to Archived Games on the scoring device
  • In the list of Archived games, the offline game will show a "Sync Button" reminding you to sync the game back to server.
- Sync Game button
  • Updated sync game option to orange color, more visible to users.

Fixed Feature(s)
- Athlete's lesson -> Fixed issue with streaming and archiving lessons
- Team's record update -> Issues reported of team's record not updating
- Team's season range -> now shows year start and year end date
- Athlete Profile -> Remove LinkedIn Profile option
- Scoring opponent -> removed the requirement for First Name and Last Name Requirement
- Coach's notification -> Issues reported that Athletes were not receiving Coach viewed notifications. Athletes now receive notifications that their profile was viewed and the specific games that were watched
- Athlete/Team Profile Photo - Users reported they were unable to update their cover profile. This has been corrected.
- White Screen when switching profiles on mobile devices -> Issue of IOS mobile users screen going to a white screen has been corrected
Updated November 2nd, 2021
Release Version 3.5.4

New Feature(s)
- Play-By-Play (PBP) for iOS and Android available!

Fixed Feature(s)
- Registration of AGL account types no longer require a country to be selected (it is defaulted to United States, unless user changes country to Canada).
- When registering as Fan, the title now shows you are registering for a fan account (rather than saying select user type).
Updated October 26th, 2021
Release Version 3.5.3

New Feature(s)
- Offline Scoring Feature: In offline mode, this feature will allow the scorekeeper to score games with or without an internet connection.
Notes about this new feature release, when scoring offline:
1) AGL Scorers must be online and signed into team's AGL scoring account when scheduling an offline game
2) The device that the offline schedule was created on, is the only device that it can be scored on offline.
a) Scheduling can only be done from the mobile app.
3) You can not stream videos of offline games at this time.
4) When completing offline scoring, please remember to sync your game to the AGL servers (under archived games)
AGL Scorers must be online and signed into team's AGL scoring account when scheduling an offline game

Note: Users can still score online - this has not changed

Updated Feature(s)
- Added Canadian Provinces to registration of different account types.
We welcome the addition of Canada to AthletesGoLive! Registration allows, organizations, teams, fans, instructors, college coaches and event companies to register.
Updated October 21st, 2021
Release Version 3.5.2

New Feature(s)
- Allows scorekeeper to assign a chance opportunity (total chance) vs error (E) to defenders
- New Feature: Written Play By Play of a live game or an archived game

Updated Feature(s)
- Undo and Redo buttons on scoring game play screen no longer asks for confirmation.

Fixed Feature(s)
- Android - able to switch from Athlete to Fan without error notification
- Fans when logged in can now see Team ID # and Alliance ID #
- Able to save opponent's lineup as well as create and save opponent players
Updated October 6, 2021
Release Version 3.5.1

New Feature(s)
- Team record for current season is shown on team's home screen. This new feature shows how many games scored and how many Wins, Losses and Ties your team has for the current season.
- Final scores can be seen under archived games; can also see if game was won or lost.
- View completed box score and team lineup (click on watch and these new features will be present).

Fixed Feature(s)
- Athlete Profile
- Fixed required fields to be first name, last name, athlete's email, parent's email, phone number and college travel ball team
- The high school team name may be input manually. It is no longer a required field to complete the profile.
- Organization admins are now able to access all team games via the mobile app