American Collegiate League Partnership

ALPHARETTA, GA – To better serve our softball community, AthletesGoLive is happy to announce a new partnership with the American Collegiate League! This partnership recognizes AthletesGoLive as the Official Live Scoring and Live Streaming Platform for all American Collegiate League events.

CEO of AthletesGoLive, Andrew Biele, says “AthletesGoLive is thrilled to announce a new partnership as the official streaming and scoring platform with the innovative and newly announced American Collegiate League.” The American Collegiate League announced its formation back in July. The new league is comprised of the Florida Gulf Coast League, Music City Collegiate League, and Heartland Collegiate League. All three leagues will compete under a uniform system.

The Florida Gulf Coast League has been the premier summer collegiate softball league since its formation. The success of the FGCL has propelled the collegiate summer league into national spotlight and has been a huge stepping stone for new leagues to come to fruition.

“We are excited about the growth of summer collegiate softball and the many opportunities the American Collegiate League is offering to leagues all around the country,” says Ryan Moore, executive director of the American Collegiate League. “The concept of the ACL is to provide a blanket playing experience of a national landscape that athletes can experience at each league. For example, the Florida Gulf Coast League, the Music City Collegiate League, and the Heartland Collegiate League are the three participating leagues so far under the ACL for the 2023 summer season but could change soon with more additions.”

Biele adds “The ACL is working to give softball athletes more opportunities, not only from a playing-time front throughout the summer months but from a financial and equity standpoint within the league. This effort to push growing business openings to these athletes is something we are excited to get behind and broadcast across the country to fans and softball lovers, alike. AthletesGoLive is eager to watch the American Collegiate League quickly become one of the most visible leagues in the softball market.”

About AthletesGoLive

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