Baseball Events

131410/01/202210/02/2022Ozinga – Scout Series Wood Bat Pastime Tournaments (Athletx) N/A
124510/01/202210/02/2022Scout Series – Northeast Prospect Select N/A
143810/01/202210/02/2022Think Pink Classic – National Premier Tournaments National Premier Tournaments N/A
125910/01/202210/02/2022Chattanooga Fall ClassicNETELITE (Athletx)N/A
124610/07/202210/09/2022Mid Atlantic Fall Classic Prospect Select N/A
128410/07/202210/09/2022THE FALL CLASSIC – GRAND RAPIDS #2Gameday N/A
133910/08/202210/09/2022Texas Fall Championships Triple Crown Sports – Baseball N/A
131510/08/202210/09/2022Kansas State University – Scout Series Wood BatPastime Tournaments (Athletx)N/A
131610/08/202210/09/2022University of Kansas/Washburn University – Scout Series Wood Bat Elite 8Pastime Tournaments (Athletx)N/A
131710/08/202210/09/2022Ozinga – Scout Series Wood BatPastime Tournaments (Athletx)N/A
126010/08/202210/09/2022SWVA Fall ChampionshipNETELITE (Athletx)N/A
126110/08/202210/09/2022Fall ProspectsNETELITE (Athletx) N/A
144010/08/202210/09/2022Houston Super NIT – National Premier Tournaments National Premier Tournaments N/A
124710/08/202210/09/2022Greenville Fall Classic Prospect Select N/A
144110/15/202210/16/2022Think Pink Classic – National Premier Tournaments National Premier Tournaments N/A
144210/15/202210/16/2022Strike Out Cancer – National Premier Tournaments National Premier Tournaments  N/A
128510/15/202210/16/2022THE FALL CLASSIC – MILWAUKEEGameday N/A
126210/15/202210/16/2022Smokies Fall ClassicNETELITE (Athletx)N/A
126310/15/202210/16/2022Crawdads Fall ClassicNETELITE (Athletx)N/A
126410/15/202210/16/2022Last Chance River TurtlesNETELITE (Athletx)N/A
126510/15/202210/16/2022Nashville Fall Classic NETELITE (Athletx) N/A
131810/15/202210/16/2022Schaumburg Boomers/Ozinga/Joliet Slammers – Scout Series Wood Bat World SeriesPastime Tournaments (Athletx) N/A
131910/15/202210/16/2022Grand Park Sports Complex – Scout Series Wood Bat National ChampionshipPastime Tournaments (Athletx) N/A
120110/21/202210/24/2022Pathway Fall Classic Pathway Baseball N/A
128610/21/202210/23/2022THE FALL CLASSIC – ELGINGameday N/A
128710/21/202210/23/2022THE FALL CLASSIC – WINDY CITY #1Gameday N/A
132010/22/202210/23/2022University of Kansas – Scout Series Wood Bat Fall FinalsPastime Tournaments (Athletx)N/A
132110/22/202210/23/2022Championship Park (Kokomo, IN) – Scout Series Wood Bat FinalsPastime Tournaments (Athletx)N/A
132210/22/202210/23/2022Ozinga – Scout Series Wood BatPastime Tournaments (Athletx)N/A
126610/22/202210/23/2022Johnson City ChampionshipsNETELITE (Athletx)N/A
144310/22/202210/23/2022Zombies vs Superheroes Classic – National Premier TournamentsNational Premier Tournaments  N/A
128810/28/202210/30/2022FIELD OF SCREAMS – ELGINGameday N/A
128910/28/202210/30/2022FIELD OF SCREAMS – WINDY CITYGameday N/A
126710/29/202210/30/2022West TN Fall ChampionshipsNETELITE (Athletx)N/A
126810/29/202210/30/2022Smokey MT Fall ClassicNETELITE (Athletx)N/A
144410/29/202210/30/2022Halloween Classic – McAllen Texas National Premier Tournaments N/A
144510/29/202210/30/2022Halloween Classic – Albuquerque, NM National Premier Tournaments N/A
144610/29/202210/30/2022Halloween Bash National Premier Tournaments National Premier Tournaments N/A