New Partner: Connect Sports


May 7, 2021

ATLANTA, GA – To better serve our softball community, AthletesGoLive is happy to announce a new partnership with Connect Sports! This partnership recognizes AGL as the Official Live Scoring and Live Streaming Platform for all Connect Sports events. Connect Sports hosts a variety of tournaments and showcases throughout the southeast each year.  

Connect Sports represents some of the highest-level showcases known to softball. Each year, Connect Sports hosts the Scenic City summer and fall showcases along with the Eastern Elite summer and fall showcases. At each of these tournaments, the recruiting platform is very strong considering the number of repeat college coach attendees. Over the years, Connect Sports has grown immensely within the fastpitch softball community and intends to continue their growth.

Teams and organizations will profit from this partnership, considering they have the ability to stream and score using AthletesGoLive for free. Fans that will be utilizing AGL’s streaming service have 2 different subscription choices to choose from, Basic and Premier. The Basic Subscription gives fans access to watch any team that streams with AthletesGoLive. In addition to watching live games, fans have the ability to view individual athlete stats along with the in-game box score and team lineups. The Premier Subscription is a step up from the Basic plan, including everything offered in the Basic Subscription, along with an Athlete Profile. With the Athlete Profile, an athlete has the option to record game highlights, directly email college coaches of their choice, live stream lessons and more. Organizations even have the chance to use AGL to raise money as a fundraiser, by receiving back a portion of the subscription fees.

“AGL is fortunate to be partnering with such a great company. Connect Sports consistently provides teams with a competitive tournament to compete in”, said Andrew Biele, CEO of AthletesGoLive. “This partnership will help generate a better experience for both athletes and fans that partake in Connect Sports events.”

“Connect Sports is so excited to partner with AthletesGoLive to bring their unique streaming and scoring platform to our participants” said Jeremy Higdon, CEO of Connect Sports. “AGL brings some of the most innovative technology to be introduced to our sport in quite some time.”

AthletesGoLive is pleased to provide live streamed games to fans, families and athletes everywhere! Learn more about Connect Sports HERE.

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