Pro Softball Utilizing AthletesGoLive


ALPHARETTA, GA – AthletesGoLive is pleased to announce a partnership with the Florida Vibe Professional Tour with the goal of further serving our softball family! Under this collaboration, AthletesGoLive will serve as the Florida Vibe Professional Tour’s Official Live Scoring and Live Streaming Platform in the 2023 season.

CEO of AthletesGoLive, Andrew Biele, says “Cultivating meaningful partnerships is a key component of our company’s core vision, all geared towards ensuring fans and athletes have the absolute best experience imaginable. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Florida Vibe, a professional softball team known for its passion and excellence. This collaboration represents a perfect synergy of our shared values and commitment to delivering unforgettable memories.”

The Florida Vibe opens its 30-game summer tour season on June 7th, 2023, and extends to the end of July. They will compete against national teams that are visiting the states in preparation for the Gold Medal. This includes a 5-game series with Canadas National Team on June 28 through July 3rd in Nashville, Tennessee. View the full 2023 FL Vibe schedule HERE.

Ryan Moore, president of the Florida Vibe, says “The Florida Vibe Professional Tour is proud to align with Athletes Go Live as the Vibe organization continues to expand its offerings in the softball space.  The Florida Vibe will feature many of the best softball athletes in the world and will continue to spread professional softball around the world using Athletes Go Live technology.  Our main goal is to highlight each of these amazing professional players & coaches, so they can benefit from the best technology available to continue to grow their brand and personalities around the globe.”

The Florida Vibe has a stacked roster of softball players from all over the country. Some of these players are AJ Andrews (LSU), Grayson Radcliffe (Indiana), Carmyn Greenwood (Louisville), Jana Johns (Oklahoma), Danielle Watson (FSU), Emily Kirby (Liberty), Michaela Paprota (LSU), Caylan Arnold (FSU), Molly Jacobsen (Texas), Neleigh Herring (Wichita State) with more exciting athletes coming out of college to be “selected” in a live podcast with many fantastic and well-known names coming up next week.

Biele adds, “Together, we aim to redefine the landscape of sports entertainment and bring the thrill of live games to fans around the world. We look forward to a successful journey ahead, where innovation and teamwork will take the game of fast-pitch softball to new heights.”

This partnership brings fans the exciting opportunity to enjoy an entire season of Florida Vibe games with just a one-time fee. No more missing out on the thrill and excitement of each game! Through the AthletesGoLive app, fans gain access to a seamless streaming experience, giving them the ability to catch every play of the season, from the opening pitch to the final out. It’s never been easier or more affordable to be part of the electrifying world of professional softball. Click HERE to watch every inning that the Florida Vibe plays this summer!

About AthletesGoLive

AthletesGoLive is a live scoring and live streaming service for amateur sports and athletic events. With an app that focuses on highlighting the athlete and providing them with aid to compete at the collegiate level, AGL is truly innovating streaming, scoring, and stats for fans and athletes. Providing a useful platform to high-school-aged competitors is the core foundation of AGL’s mission. With a rapidly growing customer base, AthletesGoLive is forging the future of aspiring collegiate athletes.

About Florida Vibe

Florida Vibe Athletics Inc is the newest professional softball organization.  With its announcement of its formation in the summer of 2021, the Florida Vibe began action in the summer 2022.  A Bradenton, Florida domiciled organization just minutes from the world, famous gulf coast beaches of Florida.  The Vibe will be represented by some of the greatest professional talents the sport can offer.   With a professional atmosphere and attitude, the Florida Vibe seeks to inspire both young and old fans to come to support the organization, its purpose, and its players.