Sealing Spots on Collegiate Teams

[ March 7, 2023 – ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA ]

When the team at AthletesGoLive kicked off our journey in the sports world back in 2018, we were hoping we would make a great impact in athletes’ lives! Our entire goal here at AthletesGoLive is to provide all athletes with the resources and materials they need to play the sport they love at the collegiate level. Charise Kasper from the Explosive Elite 16U Buckley has seen the proven benefits of utilizing AthletesGoLive firsthand.

“As an assistant coach on my daughter’s travel team in the Summer of 2020, I knew I had to do something to help the girls on my team with college aspirations to get noticed by college coaches. At the time, D1 and D2 coaches were not allowed to recruit in person due to NCAA restrictions. I looked into AthletesGoLive. I felt this could really help our girls. I researched and pitched the idea to the team while getting the necessary additional supplies to stream games. My own daughter, a 2021 graduate, had multiple offers but had not found the right fit. We had other 2021s on the team and 2022 girls as well looking to pursue a collegiate career. Several players on the team used video feeds from games to send highlights to prospective coaches.  We always had several coaches watching our games live as well. My own daughter received multiple additional offers and accepted a D2 offer to play softball. Four other athletes on our team that summer used that footage to get offers from schools to play softball. In total, 5 girls on our team (with my daughter included) [committed to colleges thanks to AthletesGoLive]. Three athletes committed to D3 schools and another to a D2 program. Everyone who was looking to play after HS received offers due in part to footage captured over the summer of 2020. One additional player, who was already committed, used the videos to send clips to her future coach. The decision I made as a coach to use AthletesGoLive literally sealed spots on college softball teams for over ½ of my roster.  These girls are playing today for college teams, and I am a proud mom and former coach knowing that during a very stressful time, I was able to give these girls the tools to achieve their dreams.”

These words prove our why. We love hearing the full-circle stories about how our app makes dreams a reality! Here at AthletesGoLive, our service easily provides the means to be recruited within the palm of an athlete’s hand. We are so excited to hear more encouraging stories like this in the future years to come.

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