Vanquish Athletics Event Partnership

June 1, 2023

ALPHARETTA, GA – AthletesGoLive is happy to announce a new partnership with Vanquish Athletics! This partnership recognizes AthletesGoLive as the Official Live Scoring and Live Streaming Platform for all Vanquish Athletic Events.

CEO of AthletesGoLive, Andrew Biele, says “AthletesGoLive is thrilled to announce a new partnership as the official streaming and scoring platform with the newly created organization Vanquish Athletics.”

Vanquish Athletics, says “We are really excited to offer a Leaderboard that provides us an opportunity to highlight our young athletes throughout the event. We will have stats ranging from stolen bases, to batting averages and on base percentages. By partnering with AthletesGoLive we are able to highlight the many accomplishments of our athletes.”

Sam Lichtner further recognizes and provides us an opportunity to offer an awards program to all stat leaders. Partnering with AthletesGoLive will give our athletes the ability to compete on an individual level as well as a team basis throughout our events.

About AthletesGoLive

AthletesGoLive is a live scoring and live streaming service for sports and athletic events. With an app that focuses on highlighting the athlete and providing them with an aid to compete at the collegiate level. AthletesGoLive is truly innovating streaming, scoring, and stats for fans and athletes. Providing a useful platform to high-school aged competitors is the core foundation of AthletesGoLive’s mission. With a rapidly growing customer base, AthletesGoLive is forging the future of aspiring collegiate athletes.

About Vanquish Athletics

Vanquish Athletics, based out of the Glenmoore, Pennsylvania, is a new organization that will be bringing both youth sport events and elite showcase events to the Northeast territory. We are committed to providing organizations and athletes opportunities to excel both on and off the field. Our mission is to provide a safe environment for athletes and together help them achieve their dreams. We pride ourselves and stay true to our slogan “Together We Conquer.”