Advertising & Fundraising


When sponsors purchase advertising spots through your fundraiser, they will receive a logo in the bottom left or right corner of the stream or a banner beneath the stream. The logos and banners rotate throughout the stream at varying durations depending on the quantity of advertising spots you sell. Currently the maximum amount of advertising spots a team can sell is 30.

  1. Log into your AthletesGoLive team account.
  2. Select Advertising Revenue from the menu on the left. \
  3. Click “Edit Price” and enter the amount you wish to sell each advertising placement for.
  4. Click “Edit Dates” to set the duration of time your team members will have to fundraise.
  5. Send an email notification to your team members. You can select “Send to Player(s)” or “Send to all players”
  6. Send an email directly to potential sponsors, inviting them to support your fundraiser. You can also download an email template and a flyer from our fundraising page if you prefer to reach out on your own.

*If you encounter any problems in the fundraising process, contact or reach out to the onboarding specialist assigned to your team or organization.