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Streaming Sports Live Everywhere

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Watch And See What AthletesGoLive Has In Store For You!

AthletesGoLive is Revolutionizing the LiveScoring and LiveStreaming of Games!

Live Streaming All Devices

AthletesGoLive is a multifunctional mobile and desktop application that is revolutionizing the live streaming of amateur athletic events. How does it work?


Teams live score & stream their games for free with a user-friendly scoring system that includes live box score, player and team stats and live audio capability. With a subscription from AthletesGoLive, parents and fans are able to watch any game, at all levels, live or on-demand.


With a Premier subscription, athletes have the ability to pull clips from games and also live stream individual lessons from their profile. Athletes can share videos clips (from games or lessons) via email or social media.


College Coaches will be watching! Over 2,400 college coaches have set up their account with AthletesGoLive. With a Premier Subscription you have the ability to view when College Coaches watch your games, lessons, and video clips.

Start the Experience! Register TODAY!

*Ability to watch on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku or Google Chromecast will be released with the launch of version 2.


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AthletesGoLive - Streaming Sports Live Everywhere