Live Stream Features

Live Video Features &

Follow your favorite athletes and teams and never miss a minute of the action!

  • Live Stream Scoreboard Integration
  • Pocket Radar in-stream compatibility
  • Archived games stored in team library
  • Search games by play and player with automatic video tagging
  • Offline recording/streaming

Video Tagging

  • Clips are instantly generated for all games that are scored and streamed
  • Categorized by play type and player
  • Clips can be exported and shared at any time!

Lesson Portal

Instructors, coaches and athletes can stream, record and save practices and lessons to their profiles to go back to at any time.

Post & Share Highlights

  • Post and share highlights to social media
  • Send highlights to college coaches directly in-app
  • Share clips to AGL and our partners for the chance at shoutouts and recognition in our weekly highlight reels