Summary of Features

We are the all-in-one scoring, streaming, fundraising and recruiting solution for athletes of all ages and skill levels.

Live Video Features &

Follow your favorite athletes and teams and never miss a minute of the action!

  • Live Stream Scoreboard Integration
  • Pocket Radar in-stream compatibility
  • Archived games stored in team library
  • Search games by play and player with automatic video tagging
  • Offline recording/streaming

Video Tagging

  • Clips are instantly generated for all games that are scored and streamed
  • Categorized by play type and player
  • Clips can be exported and shared at any time!

Lesson Portal

Instructors, coaches and athletes can stream, record and save practices and lessons to their profiles to go back to at any time.

Post & Share Highlights

  • Post and share highlights to social media
  • Send highlights to college coaches directly in-app
  • Share clips to AGL and our partners for the chance at shoutouts and recognition in our weekly highlight reels

Advanced Scoring & Statistics At Your Fingertips

Never stress about scoring again with our user-friendly scoring capabilities, and scorekeeper support for all levels of scoring experience.

  • 100+ advanced team and player stats
  • User-friendly stat-correction capabilities
  • Pitch-count tracking
  • Offline scoring for any location
  • A library of tutorials to meet any of your scoring needs.

National & Tournament Recognition

  • 1000+ Tournament partners use our stats for live leaderboards
  • Exclusive access to all-tournament team recognition when users stream & score with AthletesGoLive
  • Organization-exclusive leaderboards and website integration for ease of access

Fundraising Has Never Been Simpler

Our built-in fundraising feature is designed to meet teams where they are at. It requires only 4 simple steps for teams and organizations to start generating thousands of dollars in revenue back to their organization that can cover the cost of AGL subscription, player fees, uniform and travel fees and/or tournament expenses.

Connect With Thousands Of College Coaches

AGL College Coach database is updated frequently to provide the most up-to-date contact information of nearly all the major college coaches in the U.S.

Create Watch Lists

Athletes can add colleges to their watch lists and explore camp and lesson opportunities directly in the app.

Get Notified

Athletes can get notified any time a college coach views their profile, games, lessons or highlight clips.

College coaches can also opt to send out camp information to all players, players in a certain region or players on their watch list.


  • Operating temperature up to 160° or as low as -30°
  • Dust-proof & water-resistant

2 Built-In Data Plans

  • Two Unlimited Data Plans (Verizon & T-Mobile) to avoid signal problems regardless of location
  • Prevents the need to rely on wi-fi or hotspot

Industry-Leading Quality

  • 48 megapixel triple camera
  • Fast-charging & 10+ hours of streaming on one charge
  • 120° wide angle lens with zoom