NEW FEATURES ALERT! New design on the AthletesGoLive play by play feature and more!

AthletesGoLive is excited to announce the release of a new design for our play by play feature on all live and on demand games moving forward! This new layout will allow AGL users to easily see every situation that occurs in a game. This will be beneficial for if you happen to miss a bit of the action you can simply click the play by play and view anything you may have missed. You will also have the ability to see all scoring plays highlighted in yellow.

AGL has also added the ability for organizations to sell 10 advertising slots to help bring in revenue to the organization. You have the opportunity to select how much you want to sell your advertising slots for and email any sponsor you would like right inside the organization portal on the advertising tab. You also can see all the teams within your organization and how many advertising slots that have sold for their teams as well.

To learn more about the rest of AGL’s recent release information, check out our product release notes (click here).